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Do you rent out property? Or ever thought about it?

We know, tax is boring but it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve produced a FREE property guide explaining how property income is taxed, ownership options, mortgage interest relief, the main allowable expenses and much more.

Why download our property guide

  • Know whether to invest individually or via a Limited Company
  • Income splitting and Form 17 factsheet – for couples to pay less tax between them
  • Understand capital gains tax and what this means


  • Special discounts from us
  • A free 15 minute phone call with a property expert
  • + much, much more

Tax Returns Are Dull And Complicated...

EP Tax specialise in accounts and tax returns for property investors; whether you have one property or a portfolio, have joint property, or whether you’re trading via a Limited Company, we can help!

Download our FREE property guide today and see how property income is taxed.

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