Let EP Tax take the stress out of preparing a self assessment tax return for your sole trader business.

Most of our clients are small ‘one-man band’ sole traders. We deal with all businesses from hairdressers, to taxi drivers to childminders – no business is too small. We also deal with many buy-to-let property owners.

HMRC have different rules on what you can claim depending on what industry you are in. We keep up to date with HMRC legislation to ensure you pay the right amount of tax. We work hard to make sure you claim everything you are entitled to.

Our self assessment service includes checking for marriage allowance transfers, high income child benefit, pension tax relief, gift aid and student loans.



  • Advising on how to keep receipts and invoices.
  • Claiming all capital allowances.
  • Producing an annual income schedule and tax return.
  • Ensuring all allowable expenditure is claimed in line with your industry.
  • Producing a summary of income and expenditure items.
  • Calculating tax and NI payable and dealing with any refunds you can claim.

Sole Trader/Partnership Income Schedule

  • Super Micro = £160 + VAT
  • Micro = £200 + VAT
  • Small = £240 + VAT

Self Assessment Tax Return

  • £90 + VAT

Sole Trader/Partnership Income Schedule

  • Super Micro = £60 + VAT
  • Micro = £90 + VAT
  • Small = £120 + VAT

Property Income Schedule

  • £55 + VAT per Property


EP Tax specialise in tax returns for property investors. So, whether you just have one property to get you on the property ladder, or hold a portfolio of properties, we can help.

HMRC have special rules relating to property income tax and capital gains tax. We work hard to ensure that our clients claim all allowable expenses as permitted by HMRC and plan their tax affairs in a tax efficient manner.. We will also help you with tax planning if you are considering selling your property(s), shifting income to a spouse or thinking of running your property business through a limited company; we can explain the pros and cons of doing this.