Our payroll service is designed to help employers of any size – whether you have 1 employee or 100, we’ll make sure you are up to date with government legislation such as RTI, minimum wage, statutory pay and pension auto-enrolment.

Ep Tax Ludgershall payroll support service

Whilst we can’t help you manage the ‘David Brents’ of the world, we can help you with the following:

Calculating employees gross and net pay

Producing payslips and payroll reports

Dealing with all RTI submissions

Calculating PAYE and NI

A full auto-enrolment package

Calculating tax and NI payable and dealing with any refunds you can claim

In addition to our main payroll service, we can advise and assist with construction industry scheme (CIS) monthly returns and CIS vouchers.

Our full auto-enrolment package means you will be fully compliant with the requirements under the new pension regulation. Please read our Pension Guide to Automatic Enrolment for further information.


EP Tax currently has two options for how we can help you with your payroll and Auto Enrolment requirements:

Option 1 – Payroll only service

Option 2 – Full payroll and Auto-Enrolment service

The chart below shows what each option includes:

What You Get
Option One
Option Two
Calculating Employees Gross Pay
Checking compliance against National Minimum Wage (NMW) Regulation
Calculating and processing any entitlement for statutory pay
Calculating Employees PAYE + NI
Calculating Employers NI
Assessing the workforce each pay period for automatic enrolment and pension duties
Helping you set up a suitable pension scheme
Producing letter to your workforce in line with pension auto-enrolment duties
Enrolling eligible staff into your chosen pension scheme
Calculating any employer and employee pension contributions
Producing and issuing payslips for you to hand to your employees
Processing weekly/monthly RTI pay submissions to HMRC
Calculating and confirming the total amount to pay HMRC each month or quarter
Completing your pension regulator declaration of compliance
Re-enrolling staff that have left the pension scheme every three years

Standard payroll

£20 + VAT (+£2.50 + VAT per employee) Monthly

Payroll with auto enrolment services*

£30 + VAT (+£3.50 + VAT per employee) Monthly

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  1. A Guide for employers – explaining all the essential information when employing staff
  2. Pension Auto-Enrolment Guide – giving you an overview of how pensions and auto-enrolment work
  3. PAYE Tax Codes Factsheet – helping employers (and employees) understand the tax code system

A Guide For Employers:

What's Inside

Determine the job description and requirements. Understand the rights of your employees. Understand the cost of meeting your obligations. Make your workplace safe and legally compliant. Register as an employer with HMRC. Understand your duties for workplace pensions. Get Insured. Recruit and employ staff. Set up a payroll system – this is where we would fly to the rescue.

Pension Auto-Enrolment Guide:

What's Inside

Do I need to provide a pension scheme to my employees? Summary of Main Tasks: Nominate a point of contact with the Pension regulator. Choose an appropriate pension scheme. Assess staff each time you pay them and automatically enrol ‘eligible employees’. Calculating and paying employee and employer pension contributions at each pay period. Communicate with your workforce in line with auto-enrolment rules. Complete the declaration of compliance. Perform re-enrolment (3 years from the staging date).

PAYE Tax Codes Factsheet

What's Inside

An overview of how tax codes are used to work out how much tax you need to pay from your salary. A list of the main tax codes and what they mean. How to check your tax code and what to do if you think it is wrong. Reasons you could have an ‘unusual’ tax code.